Love Science music will perform live with Eric Harland & James Francies - Monday,  September 5th at Bluenote in NYC. 



Sound design for an animation of the 2016 Euro Cup with animator Case Jernigan.


April 28 - sound design for nike

Created the sound design for an online Nike campaign that features new NFL draft picks.  Animation and visual design by animator Case Jernigan. 

April 16 - Episode #9 of Music Producer's Canvas

Check out the studio collaboration process with vocalist Daniela Bauer:  

april 7 - Sound design for the Juventus FC 'Goal of the month'

Animation created by artist Case Jernigan for Off-Foot as a commission for Italian soccer club Juventus.  It's a delight to fuse the arts of music & football.  Video #2 of 4! 

March 30 - Producing the new Starr busby EP! 

I'm super excited to have begun work with vocalist Starr Busby on her upcoming EP!  Starr has forged her own sound as a writer & performer using a vocal loop station, layering her voice on top of itself to create a world of lush melody and thoughtful lyrics.  We'll be building upon her layered acapella tracks to push into new musical territory.   Check out "Habbakuk"  - a track I mixed and co-produced with Starr in 2014. 

March 22 - Episode #8 of Music Producer's Canvas

March 13 - New music production tutorial

Josh explains his 3 step approach to mixing and producing vocals


March 8 - sound design for Italian soccer club Juventus F.C. 

Musical textures and sonic shapes provided for the beautiful Off-Foot animation of Simone Zaza's goal.  

March 1 - New episode of Music Producer's Canvas

This episode of the video series showcases a collaboration with NYC producer & guitarist Carey Clayton:  



Feb. 22 - Feature article on the Ditmas Park Corner Blog

      Josh talks about the ideas behind Love Science Music, his home studio work flow, and more... 


      Read LSM Producer Josh Giunta's interview on his studio work flow, collaborations, and approach to working with different artist on the SweetSounds Recording Studio blog.  

jan. 6 - episode #1 of 'sessions' video series now live

Watch the in-studio collaboration between Love Science Music , Kaly, & Rianjali as they record their new collaborative song 'Make it Hot' at Sweetsounds Studio:  

Jan. 4 - Love Science Music presents:  Sessions

      LSM is launching another new YouTube series for the year called "Sessions."  The series will document collaborations in the studio and features an array of amazing artists.  Episode 1 drops Jan. 6th!  

Dec. 28 - Music Producer's Canvas YouTube series launched 

Love Science Music shows his music creation process through these short videos.  Check out more episodes here.  

Oct. 28 - New animation for Halloween

Love Science Music teams up with animator & artist Case Jerngian to release a quirky & creepy 60 second animation just in time for Halloween... check it. 


Oct. 20 - Love Science Music REMIX of the Emily King song 'Distance' OUT NOW!

      Love Science Music is thrilled to present a remix of the Emily King single Distance.  LSM puts an electronic twist on Emily’s modern soul sound, blending acoustic elements from the original recording with unorthodox sound effects, electronic programming, and lush synthesizes.  King’s emotionally urgent yet easy-going vocals coast over top, telling her story with a little help from some atmospheric effects.  Have a listen below! 

Oct. 15 - LSM teams up with Off-Foot for new animated soccer short

    The collaboration between animator/artist Case Jernigan and Love Science producer Josh Giunta continues with this weird rapid-fire animation that bolts through a few dramatic moments in soccer.  These artistic fellows met on the soccer pitch (naturally) and have been churning out inspired, quirky animations with creative sound design for the past few months.  More to come...


Oct.  14 - Lsm remix of Emily King's 'Distance'  drops next week! 

     An LSM treatment of the wonderful song by Emily King.  If you're unfamiliar with her work, check out her newest album... so, so , so good! 

cover_var1_LR smaller.jpeg


      LSM releases the single-of-the-month for August, a collaboration with LA based singer/guitarist/writer Adam Tressler.  The song moves into new territory for LSM, with punchy guitars, nasty punk/Afro-Beat drum grooves, and spacey indie rock vocals.  The style can sorta be summarized as:  Indie Rock Electro Future Groove.  

The song's statement is a strong one:  what we see in news & media is mostly fluff, rubbish, and distraction that is created when we lack the courage to connect and talk about what is really going on in the world and in ourselves.