Pop/Rock Mix Feedback

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Producer: Alan Cabrera

I dig this… good production, good writing, tight arrangement… the form of this keeps moving at the right pace. And I like the change of mood at the bridge/breakdown. Great mix! A few ideas, I think overall it could use a bit more beef - mainly because I’m hearing this as a track that wants to be competitive with pop music so I’d say you should try and thicken it up a bit. Here’s some ideas how, along with some other thoughts:

• I think the drums could punch more, the kick and snare. Sounds like it is programmed drums that are meant to sound like a live drummer. So I want to hear a little more attitude and have the drums be a out front a bit more. I really love the filtered drums in the first section and how it then opens up into a drop in the next section. I think the filtered drums could be a little more kick and snare heavy and the main drums even more so. Try EQ a bit more deep lows in the kick 50-75hz and fatten the snare maybe in the 125-300 range. Also some more bite - maybe try bussing kick, snare, hat together and add some saturation… with SoundToys Decapitator or Devil Lock. Think of that bombastic Jimi Hendrix drum sound… give it a little bit of that, but keep it clean for the pop feel.

For the toms…since you’re going for a real drum sound, maybe adjust the EQ. They sound a little fake to me (extra picky b/c I’m a drummer). But maybe if you rolled off some of the high end of the toms and beefed the low end they would sound more like a kit. Maybe buss toms to same buss as kick, snare, HH to make them all gel together.

• I think the vocal sound could use a little more spice… she sounds awesome. But the mixing is pretty dry - and maybe it sounds a little thin, they could sound thicker… try adding some saturation to the vox to give them some more weight or just boost some of the low mids for her EQ. Maybe a more interesting VRB or DLY for her? Or try duplicating the leads, processing them with crazy FX and then tucking the duplicate way low in the mix to add some dimension? And for those ‘‘ooohhhss’, what if you add a vocoder sound or synth sound to that line to give it more of a sing-along feel? Or maybe sample it up an octave and tuck that underneath.

• Since the piano/keyboard part repeats so much in the song, what if you processed it differently on the hooks? This would keep the song building and refresh your ears so that repeated part doesn’t get boring or annoying. Add some DLY or saturation or distortion to it? Or filter

• For the big drop after the first verse… I’d say make this more dramatic. You have some swoops and rises in there but I think they could be a bit more intense and obvious. And maybe a big drum fill into the hook to really announce its arrival. Also, to heighten that big drop, maybe make the chorus bass sound different from the verse. Choose another synth for the bass part or process it to sound bigger and fatter - maybe more limited, boosted lows, or distorted to fill it out. And what if you addd an extra keys part to chorus, it could double the piano part. This would make chorus more dramatic and make everything bigger.

• Guitar. Maybe a little bright and thin sounding. Roll off just a little bit of high end, maybe add a little low mids.

All in all, great work… the levels and blend sound great. Just my two cents! Would love to here it again if you make changes

~ Josh

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