Mix Feedback for EDM instrumental track

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Producer: Tomas Shannon

Josh’s Mix Feedback:

I think this mix sounds good! If you had to send this off to the production house that hired you, I’d guess they would be happy with it, or they’d say it’s pretty close to where it needs to be. Your overall balance is very good, all of the instruments blend in a way that’s very musical and cohesive. It sounds warm, not too bright and not too muddy. That being said, here’s some things I’m hearing that could help you take it to the next level:

• I think it could sound a whole lot more powerful by hyping up the kick and the snare (but more-so the kick). For this style of music, I’m thinking ‘how would this sound on a club sound system?’ It might not be powerful enough. You can get this power from making the kick more of a centerpiece of the mix. I’d say it def needs to be louder, but also needs to carry more low end weight. You could enhance it with some bumps in the low-end EQ. Some sort of bass-enhancing plugin could help. Sometimes I use Soundtoys Filter Freak for this task… toggle through bass presets and find one that enhances the sub frequencies, then adjust settings to taste. Also, the snare should smack a bit more. I’d say this mix could be a drum-heavy mix because that’s what makes it danceable.

• Bass. Is this bass synth a stereo sound? I feel that the bass sound is pretty wide. I sort of want to hear the bass sound more focused, more mono strong in the field. Could be as simple as panning the bass synth inwards, so that it’s not at 100 on both L and R. Or you can try a stereo widening plugin and bring the field inwards to tighten it up, less than 100%. This may also allow the synths to breathe more and sound bigger.

• Synths. There’s a few places where I think the synths pop out and sound a little too ‘stabby’ in the high-mids range (like at 0:13). This is subtle, but I noticed it. You could try to roll off a little top end, or just bringing the gain down a few dB. or you could add a compressor with a quicker attack to just push those peaks back. A buss style compressor would prob work well for this, like an SSL… or an LA2A. Also try adding some DLY throws or reverb tails to these to give the mix some more depth. Overall, I’d say the whole mix is fairly dry, so it could be nice to have some sounds in there that sound like they are more spacey.

• Related to the last comment, there are a few moments where little sounds pop out of the overall mix and are a touch louder than the other elements. This makes me think maybe you should add a pinch more Buss Compression overall. If you already have one on there, maybe add another if you’re happy with how you have it set. Play with the attack time and the threshold so that it evens things out. Make sure it doesn’t change too much of the overall timbre of the mix, this should be subtle processing. Another way you could accomplish this is by setting up ‘groups.’ Send your synths to an Aux track and compress them all together with a buss comp. Or send synths, bass, drums to a group buss. Just an idea

• Percussion parts could sound a bit ‘crispier’ and snappier. Try boosting a little top end or adding a little top end saturation. Or turn them up a pinch

• For the vocal sample, maybe add some DLY or VRB to give it a little more character and atmosphere.

Nice work man, the production is sounding good… let me know if you have more questions.


Josh GiuntaComment