Eric Harland Voyager - 13th Floor (GSI Records) • Tracking and Mixing

James Francies - Flight (Blue Note Records) • Tracking of whole album, mixing on “Leaps” and “Lover and a Fighter”

Sachal Vasandani - Shadow Train (GSI Records) • All tracking and mixing

Amber Hall - "Mean to Me"  •  LSM Credit:  Mixing, Vocal Tracking  (Feb 2017)

Naezy - "Azaad Hu Mai"  • LSM Credit:  Mixing (Feb. 2017)

Melanie Charles - "How Glad I Am"  •  LSM Credit:  Mixing, Vocal Tracking  (Feb. 2017)

Starr Busby - "Underwater" & "Joy"  •  LSM Credit:  Tracking, Production, Mixing, Mastering  (Jan. 2017)

Amber Hall - 'Private School' • LSM Credit:  Mixing & vocal tracking  (Dec. 2016)

Starr Busby - 'Ms. Bland' • LSM Credit:  Tracking, Mixing, Production, mixing, master (Nov. 2016)

Starr Busby -  'Habakkuk'  •  LSM credit:  Co-production, tracking, mixing, master


Clara Lofaro - 'Air Lift Me'  • LSM credits:  Production, tracking, drumming, mixing


Clara Lofaro - 'Slow Burn' • LSM credits: production, vocal tracking, drumming, mixing

Eden - 'Keep Calm'  • LSM credit:  production, tracking, mixing, mastering

Jauss  - 'Don't You Care'  • LSM credit:  production, tracking, mixing, mastering


Stephenie Rivers - Time Tells a Lie •  LSM Credit:  tracking, drumming, mixing

Karen Marie - 'Chess Piece'  •  LSM Credit:  co-production, tracking, mixing, mastering

Karen Marie - 'On!y'  • LSM Credit:  drumming, tracking, mixing, mastering

Clubber Lang Wins - 'Title Fight'  • LSM Credit:  vocal tracking, mixing

Kaly - '5 6 7'  •  LSM Credit:  vocal tracking, mixing


Roy Flores - 'Won't Apologize'  • LSM Credit:  tracking, mixing, mastering

Wolf Colony - 'I'm Not the only One' (Sam Smith Cover)  •  LSM Credit:  tracking, mixing, mastering


Rat Habitat - 'Gemini'  •  LSM Credit:  Vocal tracking

Cariad Harmon - 'I Want You' •  LSM credit:  mixing, mastering

Jorscan - 'It's a Trap' • LSM Credit:  mixing, mastering