The magic of figuring things out

The real magic lies in figuring things out.  

The magic can only unfold after we are honest about what it is we do know and what we do not know.  The things that we do know are our tools.  The things that we do not know can be reached and understood by using these tools.  Trust your toolkit… it’s different than mine, and you’re the only one who really knows how to use it.  Your toolkit is best used when you create a method of solving a problem. If you embrace the proactive mindset of solving a problem, you can make any medium an art form. Problems will intimidate us, but the artistic process flips the resistance we feel, turning it into productivity and progress. The key lies in making this problem solving your art.

The pursuit of solving problems requires boldness because every problem is a unique circumstance.  The true grit of problem solving takes place outside of prior experience, in a realm that is new.  We must innovate, improvise, and try things out that may not work.  

A problem is a wall, beyond which we cannot see. Once we decide to solve a problem, we are able to boldly approach the wall for a close look.  Once we actually look, we inevitably find that it the wall is not as we projected it to be.  The truths of an issue are its real substance, our assumptions are only mist in the air.  Once we start to absorb actual information, the toolkit of what we know becomes activated, and we may begin to apply it to what we do not know.  We are able to imagine what is on the other side of the wall, how to climb over it, or if the wall even exists in the first place.    

We need to beat back our fear to get anything useful done.  Beating back your fear is not too bad once you get used to the fact that you must do it every single day.  Fear is often more subtle than dramatic, because it influences us without our knowing.  Fear disguises itself as procrastination and avoidance.  Fear likes to gently steers us clear of the unknown, confrontations, problem solving, and new territory.  We beat fear by taking action.  Taking action is how problems are solved.  We must float above the wavelengths of thought that say we are too tired, not smart enough, not good enough, too broke, unable to learn, or not in the mood to do something that we truly know we need to do.  

Science is point A and point B.  Art is the space between the points.  Art is the action you take to get where you want to go.  When you enjoy the process of figuring things out, you are able to see more options and possibilities in everyday life.  Life is continually transformed by he/she who is well versed in asking:  What are the possible solutions to this problem?


Josh Giunta is an electro-groove music producer who writes about learning, the creative process, the relation of art & science, and more.

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