Past lives and reincarnation for the realist

If one is a believer in past lives and reincarnation, this is something that the believer has to actually FEEL in their soul and body.  As an intellectual concept, it doesn’t really work, because it doesn’t make sense to the everyday thinker’s brain.

Those who have never “felt” the belief of it will either think it is a load of crap, or they will admire the idea from a distance (which doesn’t prove all that useful).  It can be tough to know how to begin embracing such a far out concept if you weren’t introduced to it when you were young.

The truth is that past lives ARE imbedded in your deepest core and express themselves through you in every way. Your intuition makes you do things and make decisions based on a miraculous repository of information and experiences of your ancestors. Not just your human ancestors, but your more ancient animal ancestors… And while we’re at it, their plant ancestors. These ways of thinking and your actions stem from the information and experiences of these past lives and predecessors. Your ‘play book’ is in your genes. Your genes are the past lives of your ancestors.  Your past lives provide you with your mental operating system, hard wired into your brain. It is not completely fixed- your brain is malleable to learn & adapt to experience. Your mind and subconscious are actually millions of years old. Billions, actually.  Past lives are not somewhere way off in the sky, in another dimension. They were right here on Earth, from another time, before you.

Looking at it in this light can be a way to feel the concept emotionally, understand it, and believe it.  The feeling it produces is one of connection to our fellow humans, all of whom share common past lives and ancestors.  It is also a bridge to the past, transforming it into a living and breathing reality of the present.


Josh Giunta is an NYC based music producer, drummer, and recording engineer.  Follow him on Twitter at @LoveScienceMusc

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