Love Science Music is the creative outlet and music production of New York City based producer, recording/mix engineer, and musician Josh Giunta.  

LSM has an immediately recognizable sound that uniquely combines the cutting edge of digital audio production with seasoned musicianship and an informed style of composition.  The music bursts with creative boldness, invigorating grooves, unexpected shapes, sonic experiments, catchy vocals, thought inducing lyrics, inspiring musicianship, and lush textures.  LSM gathers musical inspiration from modern pop, electronic music, jazz, Soul/R&B, traditional & folkloric music, classical, and indie rock - synthesizing it into an innovative sound that is constantly evolving.  

Current Love Science projects for 2017 include:

• Full length Love Science Music album featuring different vocalists on each track

Stem Sounds EP with drummer Eric Harland and keyboardist James Francies

• Collaborative album of musical mediations with NY Times best-selling author & speaker Gabby Bernstein


Giunta has had diverse success in the music industry as a tracking/mixing/mastering engineer, touring musician, music educator, and studio session drummer.  His professional diversity is a testament to the heights of his musical gifts and to the joy he finds in evolving as an artist.  Giunta’s musical journey began as a performing and touring drummer, having played with Rubblebucket, Lea Delaria, Elizabeth & the Catapult, and People’s Champs, to name a few.  As his involvement in the studio world blossomed, he created Love Science Music to serve as a vehicle for his complete musical vision and voice of personal expression.  He is currently the head recording engineer at GSI Recording Studios in Manhattan, a gorgeous state-of-the-art recording facility.  Giunta's creative ethos , optimistic attitude, and multi-dimensional way of thinking about art yield the sonic landscapes of Love Science Music…


photo:  Janine Lee Papio